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What We Do

Journey's End Animal Sanctuary provides lifetime care and shelter for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, and birds that have been abused, neglected or have special needs. Rather than emphasizing adoption, Journey's End provides a homelike setting where animals can enjoy the remainder of their lives in a comfortable, loving atmosphere.

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Our Summer Newsletter

In our June newsletter, our new, rowdy dog Weezer takes
over as alpha dog; playful Opie makes friends; and Smoky
goes from grumpy-cat to regal boss of the Cat House.
Also news updates, and new photos!

Volunteer Editor Wanted

We are looking for a volunteer to edit a book on Journey's End. The book would consist mostly of content from our past newsletters, plus some general information on our history and mission. The goal is to create a book that we can distribute to vets' offices and other places to help spread the word on our work. Experience would be helpful but not essential. If you'd be interested in this project, please give us a call at 386-736-6396.

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New Arrivals

Grace and her kittens survived outside in the winter
in New Jersey before being rescued

Baby is a sweet, elderly poodle who came from a local humane society

Lisa came to Journey's End after her owner could no longer care for her

Prince came here with Lisa after their owner could no longer care for them

Pepper has only 3 legs and was found on the beach

Freida came to Journey's End after her owner passed away