In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to our Journey's End friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and to the beloved pets of our friends and supporters who also are waiting on the other side of the bridge for their humans.

If Some Stars Have Extra Sparkle
by Florence Thuot

If some stars have extra sparkle
As you glance up to the sky,
You see our precious angels
That had to say goodbye.

We took them old and weakened,
They weren't wanted any more
Because they were a nuisance
At someone else's door.

Their hearts were terribly broken
When they were shoved away,
But Journey's End took them in
Until their dying day.

Some were here for many days,
Some for many years,
But all were loved with equality
And given equal tears.

Each day I see a certain spot;
Or hear a certain sound;
Or long for them to return to us
To have them still around.

Though our hearts are full of sadness,
There are happy memories too!
We wish we had more time with them
Our kisses were too few.

So with a tear in our eye,
And a smile in our heart,
We unselfishly say goodbye
We will always remember happy times
As we glance up to the sky.

With Love, Florence


Boomer Girl
Lucky Dobie
Skipper Zack
Goldie Dikkens
Freeman Muffin
Sadie Sassy
Peaches Jordy
Cupcake Shirley
Scooter Bobo
Cyclone Ohno
Dessa Nikki
Rufus Sparky
Sheba Colonel
Toto Lancelot
Bozo Hunter
Zena Missy
Houdini (Spike) Dudley
Molly Mr. Peanut
Sampson Holly
Sara Smoky
Goofy Faithful
Missy Lola
Lulu Spanky
Ditto Catherine
Thunder Blossom
Paddy Merlin
Charley Dolly
Gracie Annabelle
Allie Tabitha
D.J. Keeper
BooBoo Lucy
Willy Elvis
Arnold Lilo
Maddie Bailey
Josephine Daisy
Olivia Chloe
Pebbles Carlos
Charley Sapphire
Toby Archie
Marshmallow Levi
Buddy Molly
Jackson Buddy
Pepper Ann Bama
Maggie Baby
Max Jake
Penny Little Man
Jake Rascal


Good Old Buddy Elijah
Miss Kitty Boo
Tigger Garfield
Stash Daddy Long Legs
Smooch Morgan
C.C. Houdini
MoonGlow Scooter
Malachi Mystic
Hope Dog
Purrzy MiniScooter
Creamsicle ZoomZoom
Leo Pawsy
Peanuts Big Guy
Spunky Sammy Davis
Lester Gris
Minnie Mama
Puppy Honey Bear
Angel Snickers
Little Girl Bessie
Raven Marni
Kitty Boy Wendy
Tyson Molly
Remy Aretha
Tuptim Papa
River Cupcake
Cinco Cosette
Nadia Boss
R.K. Tiger
Fluff Mystery
Grace B.B.
Lisa Cherokee
Foxy Lady Coal
Fireball Ollie
Prince Missy
Smoky Molly
Precious BooBoo
Mickey Whoopi
Patches Sampson
Luca Elvis
Danny Buttons
Fluff Tiger
Chase Snowy


Vinny Raffy
Fire Misty


Baaabette Baaarney
Maaa-Maaa Baaam-Baaam


Jody Petunia