Buddy was left on a doorstep with a note that said, "I'm Buddy". He has some behavioral problems and has worked with a specialist to try to correct them. He doesn't bite, but he'll try to be dominant, and he'll always test any volunteers who come into his room.

Buddy lives in the large hallway by the pool with some of the other big dogs. He's the alpha dog of his group, although Olivia constantly challenges him to see if she can take over the top spot. He's good with new dogs and often is the first one they spend time with, to help them get used to their new home.

His different-colored eyes and big teeth make him look a bit scary, but he has a heart of gold and craves attention and praise. If you give him some attention, he'll be your loyal friend for life...but he'll still try to knock you over the next time you visit.

Buddy recently had surgery (a total ear canal ablation) to remove a growth near his ear. He recovered very well, and fortunately he can still hear out of his other ear.

Buddy after his ear surgery

He looks tough, but his tail is usually wagging

Buddy and Olivia

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