Sponsor an Animal

When you sponsor a Journey's End animal, you help defray the cost of feeding and caring for more than 300 wonderful creatures who live here. Of course you get to choose the animal you want to sponsor. The larger your sponsorship, the more you contribute to your animal's care. But remember, no amount is too small and anything is very much appreciated.

When you sponsor an animal as a gift for someone else, you are doing something doubly important. You are making someone else feel special, plus you are helping your favorite animal at Journey's End. Mother's and Father's Days, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and graduations are all perfect times to sponsor an animal as a gift.

In addition to knowing you've helped your favorite animal, you (or the gift's recipient) will receive a certificate of sponsorship and a picture of your animal that shows how much you care.

All you have to do to sponsor an animal is to choose your favorite animal, then print and fill out the application and mail it to us - we'll do the rest! We'll send you an acknowledgment, and send the sponsorship certificate and photo to yourself or the person you choose. (Please note that the sponsorship form is in a pdf format and you will need Adobe Reader to view it. You can download that here.)

Thank you!