Visiting Journey's End Animal Sanctuary

            From a Newcomer's Perspective (K, from DeLand)

Having worked with and visited several animal organizations in the past, I never know what to expect on the first visit. My eyes are generally welled up with tears before I even get to the front door in anticipation of a gut-wrenching experience.

Well I did have tears on my first visit to Journey's End but they were initially tears of relief and then tears of happiness. Here's my version of what you should and should not expect to see:

What you should NOT expect-
You will not see rows of cages with outstretched paws through the wires vying for attention when you walk by. You will not hear anguished cries from caged dogs and cats. You will not see and hear these things because they do not happen at Journey's End.

What you CAN expect-
Aside from the beautiful landscaping with flowers, ferns and big shady trees, you'll notice the wide open areas and the picket fence at the entrance. If you're not careful, R.K. or River will jump in your car when you open the door. Going through the gate, Joey just might get up from that nice big hole he's dug in the dirt. Charley, who is blind (but don't tell him because he doesn't know it) will come running, bump into you with tail wagging and the sniffer going to see if you have treats. You'll see cats playing with dogs, dogs playing with cats, cats and dogs and chickens in the pigs' area. You'll see cats on the roof and roosters on the fence post. You'll see the animals snoozing on blankets in the sunshine. And if you bring treats, which is always appreciated, be prepared for an experience similar to feeding pigeons or seagulls, only in a good way. The animals do not fight over the treats but wait patiently for their turn. There are so many other fabulous things you will see and visitors are welcome! (Please, please, don't forget to make an appointment first though.)

Want to Visit?
We love to have visitors!

All we ask is that you please,  make an appointment.

While we wish that we could have visitors at anytime, unannounced guests take time away from the care and needs of the animals.

Saturday visits are preferred

To make an appointment, you can call us at 386-736-6396.