Ways to Help

Here are some ways to help our animals. You can ...

And here are a few other things that you can do to help —

  • We now have an endowment fund. This can provide you with significant tax savings in some situations. Please contact us at 386-736-6396 for more information.
  • We can always use gift cards for hardware stores, big-box stores, or pet supply stores, for buying building maintenance supplies or pet supplies.
  • We can also use gift cards for restaurants or other stores, which we can raffle off at fundraisers. (This is a great way to "re-gift" a gift card that you won't be able to use yourself!)
  • You can "like" us on facebook.
  • If you have a web site or blog, you could add a link to our web site and/or facebook page.
  • You can add a footer to your emails with our web site or facebook page address. (See your email provider's instructions on adding a footer.)

Thank You!